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Experts in lead generation through social media.

AZE Social Media is an agency specialised in developing social media strategies and social ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin. We have been developing this type of campaign for years with very good results. Thanks to our campaigns, you will have the option of publicising your brand, your products, and your services and generating potential customers.

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The key is to choose the right audience and get the most out of your budget. In addition, we will be in charge of generating the creations that best «hook» the public, and we will also be the ones who write the texts of your ads, which will serve to attract your potential customers effectively and directly. We work with all kinds of sectors and clients. And we launch campaigns aimed at all kinds of audiences and countries. Thanks to social networks, there is no territory that you cannot reach. Start selling with AZE Social Media.
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How Do We Do Our Work?

We plan social media campaigns and manage your networks. Thanks to our community management work, we will give visibility to your product, service, or company both locally and nationally.
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social ads


We are experts in creating social ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A successful social media advertising campaign will attract new visitors and leads (potential customers) interested in your products or services. We launch these campaigns locally, nationally, and internationally.

We will study the feasibility of the campaign, we will determine a budget, and, if you want to work with us, an expert will contact you to start the work. From then on, measure, measure, and measure. We do everything to fully optimise campaigns and improve ad performance.


Currently, social networks have become one of the pillars of any digital marketing strategy. In addition, the possibility of creating ad campaigns segmented by your target audience makes them a fundamental tool when it comes to publicising your products or services.

The AZE Social Media team will guide you to the appropriate social network. We must remember that social networks are not directed to the same demographics.

Below we explain which are the networks with which we launch our campaigns.

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Facebook is one of the most popular digital channels for all Internet users who browse today. In general, daily active users represent 66% of the total monthly active users on this social network.

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Instagram is a social network that provides the ability to share photos with other users. More than a billion people use Instagram every month. This makes Instagram the second most successful social network, behind Facebook.

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LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, which helps enhance personal relationships between professionals. On this platform, you can find work or find clients for a new project. LinkedIn has more than 260 million active users.

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YouTube is a social network that allows you to host and share user-generated videos. Unlike other similar websites, YouTube has a high number of active participants, a very high amount of traffic, and daily visits.

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