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We will make sure that your website has the best positioning in the search engines. That way, your site will have better visibility.

You can have the best website in the world and have invested thousands of euros in it. But if customers don’t find you, it’s no use. SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential to gain visits and potential customers. Good search engine positioning will be essential to your business strategy.

posicionamiento web zaragoza


If you are not listed in search engines like Google, you do not exist. Appearing on the first page of this search engine is essential if you want to make your products and services known to the public that is looking for them. That’s right, searching is not intrusive advertising, and you are not going to annoy your potential clients since they are the ones who are looking for you. AZE Web Positioning is responsible for placing you on the first page of search results.

posicionamiento web zaragoza
agencia seo zaragoza

How we work

At AZE Web Positioning, we are known for being honest, transparent, and realistic with our clients. If the campaign has no future, we say so. Furthermore, if the client’s claims are impossible to meet, we will tell them. We are not going to promise you things that cannot be fulfilled. We prefer to advise and to be completely honest. This is how we work.

We follow good practice

At AZE Web Positioning, we understand that a list of good practices must be followed to fulfil our promises, reinforcing the work philosophy that has earned us a good reputation with our clients. By following these 4 points, we hope you get to know us better and trust our professionalism and good work. There are four essential points that our team learns and is very clear on from the moment they start working in web positioning.

We are realistic regarding the projects

If your idea is to position the word "mobile phone" on the first page for your local smartphone store, we will be realistic. It is not a good idea. Because we will never position it. Are you going to compete with Amazon, MediaMarkt, or El Corte Inglés? Hopefully one day it will be like this, but I don't think it's the most convenient thing for your first SEO campaign.

We will adapt to your budget.

If your budget is limited, we can work on the SEO of your website. In these cases, we are committed to working progressively to meet your objectives. If your visits increase and your sales increase, perhaps you can increase your budget and work on new keywords to continue increasing your traffic and conversions.

We prefer to measure and rectify.

It is said that to rectify is for the wise. Sometimes we realise that the path that has been taken is not the most appropriate. Not to say it's bad, but maybe it could be better. Through our measurement systems, we can resume or redirect the path so that you generate higher quality visits to your website.

We follow Google's guidelines.

If we want to position your website on Google, we must follow its guidelines. It is logical. You have to follow the rules. We are committed to quality, well-structured content, fast-loading web pages, adequate adaptation to mobile and tablet, and quality link building without falling into spam techniques that harm your rankings.

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